Admission Policy

Admission Policy

Springboard is a bilingual primary school catering for children from 3years to 14 years old. Our academic year runs from August to June and we encourage families to join us prior to the start of the year.

Springboard is an inclusive school which welcomes students from all around the world providing candidates for admission meet the basic entry requirements we will welcome them and they will be offered equal opportunities to join the school.

Students seeking admission to Springboard will be interviewed by the Principal and a member of the Chinese teaching staff to determine their levels of English and Chinese. It is unlikely a student will be refused admission simply on the basis of low levels in one of these languages, as we see our role as helping children develop their language skills as far as possible, regardless of their starting point. Learning two languages is, however, demanding and a student’s attitude to learning is a very important factor in how successful they may be.

Once admitted, students with very low levels of English may be provided with additional English lessons to help them progress more quickly.

Decisions about admission will be made by the Principal, who will also be responsible for class placement. Normally a child will be placed in a class with children of the same age (see Grade Placement Table ) but in exceptional circumstances, and after consultation with parents, the Principal may admit a child to an older or younger class. Our maximum class size is 18.