Terms and Conditions

  1. Details of school tuition and other fees are listed on a separate notice included with this application form
  2. In most circumstances, upon receipt of a completed application form along with the required documents, and following any selected procedures successfully undertaken, the school will offer a candidate for a place of admission at the school.
  3. The school has final say of which class the student is and who will be the teacher.
  4. If any of the following occurs, the offer of enrollment may be withdrawn or suspended:
    1. there has been misrepresentation or inadequate disclosure about the candidate
    2. the school determines that our current service
    3. there is a breach of school policies and procedures
  5. Photographs or filming of students may appear in the school’s brochures, website, advertisements etc. Parents or Guardians who do not want their child to appear in any of these must notify the school in writing at the time of application.
  6. If one parent of a child consents to or approves a course of action, both parents will be deemed to have given such consent or approval, and the school will not be obliged to consult the other parent
  7. The school shall not be held liable or responsible for any personal or other injury or loss that a child, parent/guardian or other person may sustain at any time.
  8. Outside the school gates or premises
    1. On a school bus or on a school trip other than as specified in the school’s bus and trips policy
    2. Within the school gates or premises unless such loss is sustained during a school activity and is directly and fully attributable to the fault or negligence of the school, school staff or school administrators. In particular, the parent/guardian acknowledges that some school activities including without limitation sporting and recess time activities are important to students’ educational and developmental needs, but by their nature such activities may involve the risk of physical injury even though the school has taken reasonable steps to minimize the risk of injury.
    3. Anywhere, within or outside the school gates or premises, in connection with any unsupervised activity or any activity wholly or partly supervised or provided by a third party.
  9. Please note that it is important to declare all medical, behavioral, emotional or other issues that may affect your child’s life at the school. If your child has previously been asked to leave another school, this information must be provided
  10. Parents give permission for their child to participate in educational school trips within Beijing during regular school hours. Written permission will be required for educational trips that take place outside normal school hours or outside Beijing
  11. Parents understand that it is the responsibility of the parents / guardians to obtain current and comprehensive health and/or accident insurance during her / his time at school.
  12. All students need to wear the SIBS official uniform at school every day

Parent / Guardian Agreement

Submitting this application signifies agreement with the following:

  1. Parents / Guardians agree that academic or diagnostic testing may be administered to the student.
  2. Parents / Guardians give the school permission to contact the child’s previous school(s) to obtain information relevant to the application.
  3. The school has the right to keep all information submitted with this application.
I / we understand and accept the terms and conditions governing enrolment and admission to Springboard International Bilingual School. If the form is signed by only one parent, then the school can assume that parent signing has full authority to make decisions on behalf of both parents, and that the school is not obliged to obtain the consent of the other parent.
我/我们理解并接受君诚国际双语学校的以上报名与招生条款。如果本表格只有一名家长签名,学 校可以假定已经获得了双方家长的完全认可。学校没有义务必须获得另一位家长的同意。