Enrollment Information

2015 Kindergarten and Elementary Enrollment Packet

Welcome to Springboard International Bilingual School where your child’s educational journey begins. Founded in 2000, SIBS has over fourteen years of international educational experience and over 70% of our student body represents foreign nationalities. Located in the Shunyi villa area, we operate a Bilingual Kindergarten, International Elementary School, International Middle School, International High School and Chinese educational programs. Our international programs have the capabilities of enrolling foreign students and local students as well as offering the American common core curriculum. At Springboard we value friendship, respect, fairness and honesty. After 14 years’ of hard work and brand development, Springboard has invested more than 3 million Yuan on our 20 acre campus in Shunyi. Currently Springboard International group has more than 750 students.

Our international educational programs accept both foreign and Chinese students. Since many foreign families have opportunities to move to China and Chinese families want a more diverse educational experience for their children it has created a demand for an international education in Beijing. Because of this demand, Springboard opened an international bilingual kindergarten and an elementary school. Our K1 & K2 kindergarten programs adopt a model of 50% English and 50% Chinese enabling students to be exposed to different topics and cultures from around the world. Our elementary program contains a program where over 70% of the courses are taught in English. We use American textbooks and a curriculum taught by foreign teachers from America. We also offer ESL courses and a jump start program for lower level students. The remaining 30% of our courses are taught in Chinese. SIBS is a school with both local students and foreign students providing the best combination of an eastern and western education.

1)Kindergarten Program

K1 & K2: 50% English, 50% Chinese
The curriculum targets on five core areas and involves diverse courses in English, Art, Dance, Sports and Science etc.
K3: 70% English, 30% Chinese
Goal: Prepare students for a smooth transition into elementary school.

2)Elementary Program

English:English Reading, English Math, Social Studies, Science, Arts, ESL
Chinese:Basic Mathematics, Chinese, CSL, PE and music.

3) Teacher Team

We are managed by an American principal and surround our students with teachers from the United States who are passionate about teaching. Our teachers utilize American educational strategies and are rich experience from teaching in American schools. SIBS also hires excellent Chinese teachers who have rich experience in not only teaching but also dealing with international students.

4) Recruitment Target

Kindergarten: K1, K2 & K3 (Preschool)
Elementary G1—G6

5)Application, placement test and enrollment

(1). Application starts from January, 24th, 2015, parents can log in school’s website (www.sibs.com.cn) to download the application directly or visit Springboard International Bilingual School in person to collect an application form.

(2) On the morning of March, 12th, and April, 2nd 2015, Springboard International Bilingual School will host an open house for prospective students and parents. You are welcome to register for a visit and consult about the school.

6)Contact information:

(1)Tel: 010-80490307;010-80492560(Korea)

(2)Address: Gucheng Village 15 Huosha Road Houshayu Town, Shunyi District, Beijing.China(Take Jingcheng expess way and come out through Houshayu Exit. Pass two traffic light and go straight for 200 meters. The school is on the north side of the road. You will see the red wall of our school easily.).

Please call can make an appointment before visiting.

(3)To learn more information about Springboard International Bilingual School, please visit our school website: www.sibs.com.cn

2015 SIBS Middle and High School

SIBS- WA Dual Diploma Program (7th to 12th Grades)

To better prepare students for the challenging globalized world, Springboard International Bilingual School (SIBS) and Wasatch Academy (WA)will jointly offer a U.S. middle and high school dual diploma program from 2015 fall. According to the U.S. private school education system, this dual-diploma program is structured as six-year-long, two years for middle school and four years for high school. Most of the courses are U.S. private school core courses combined with the advantages of Chinese traditional teaching method, and are instructed by experienced foreign teachers who are recruited, selected and trained by WA professional faculties. Students will receive Wasatch Academy Middle and High School Diploma accredited by ISACS and Springboard International Bilingual Middle and High School Diploma accredited by NCCT after they successfully complete this program and meet the graduation requirements.

1) Wasatch Academy

Founded in 1875 and located in the center of Utah, Wasatch is a private school offering creative and rigorous courses to educate students from39 countries around the world. Wasatch Academy’s ability to provide outstanding educational opportunities to a richly diverse student body is the school’s greatest asset, stemming from the belief that a diversely represented school community promotes greater creativity, health, and educational value for every student attending Wasatch Academy. Through the 150 years of dedication, Wasatch Academy has provided a nurturing school community that empowers young men and women to find their own way to pursue their college dream and to become the social elites in the world.

Since 2009, Wasatch Academy has offered American curriculum programs at China’s top public schools, such as Beijing National Day School, Chengdu Shishi Middle School, Rui’an High School of Zhejiang Province, The High School Affiliated To Nanjing Normal University Jiangning Campus, Nanjing Foreign Language School, The High School Affiliated To Xi’an Jiaotong University. The programs support students to pursue dual diploma, prepare them for top universities in the world, and empower them as global citizens through stimulating and rigorous American curriculum.

2) Courses

Compulsory Courses are Wasatch Academy’s middle and high school core courses; elective courses contain AP courses and Honor courses.
Middle School Course: English Literature, Chinese Literature, Math, Science, Humanities, Art (Music, Dance, Drama), PE, etc.
High School Course: English Literature, Chinese Literature, Academic English, Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, American History, Art (Music, Dance, Drama), PE, etc.
AP Course: English, American History, World History, Calculus, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Government, Psychology, Environmental Science, etc.

3) Faculty and Teaching Staff

Our Faculty and Teaching Staff are composed of foreign and Chinese teachers. Foreign teachers are experienced in motivating students to explore their potentials and cultivating students’ ability in critical and creative thinking. Chinese teachers are educators who have studied abroad and have earned rich experience in teaching. All teaching staff are recruited, selected and trained by Wasatch Academy.

4) SIBS-WA Dual-Diploma Program

Students who complete this program successfully can receive the middle and high school diplomas from both WA and SIBS. Students who intend to apply for U.S. colleges or universities should complete all the required courses, be guided under Chinese and American college counselors to finish the college application and meet the requirements for graduation to earn the dual diploma.


1) Recruit:
Foreign and Chinese students;
Students in 6th grade, 8th grade or 9th grade and should have completed all the required courses at the original school by the end of this school year.

2) Numbers:
U.S. Middle School: 45 in total – 30 for 7th(2 classes), 15 for 8th (1 class),
U.S. High School: 90 in total – 30 for 9th (2 classes), 60 for 10th (4 classes),
11th starts enrollment from 2016 – 2017, 12thstarts enrollment from 2017 – 2018.

3) Admission Guidelines :
U.S. Middle School: 45 in total – 30 for 7th(2 classes), 15 for 8th (1 class),
U.S. High School: 90 in total – 30 for 9th (2 classes), 60 for 10th (4 classes),
11th starts enrollment from 2016 – 2017, 12thstarts enrollment from 2017 – 2018.

i. Application: The admission application is completed online and is available on our school website (www. sibs.com.cn) from Jan. 24th 2015. Paper application forms are also encouraged. Please come to SIBS to get the official application form.

ii. Information Session: The information session will be held at 10 am on March 13th 2015. Welcome to visit our campus and know more about this program.

iii. Entrance Exam: The Entrance Exam is at 10 am on March 15th 2015. Applicants must take the school Entrance Exam, including the written test and interview. The exam is to evaluate applicants’ skills in English reading comprehension, writing and speaking, and other abilities in a comprehensive way.

iv. Admission Policy: All the application materials need to be submitted before March 15th 2015. Later applicants will be considered and admitted on a rolling basis.

v. Scholarship: SIBS is committed to enrolling the best candidates, and we recognize that many talented students do not have the resources to afford our tuition. For these reasons, we have established a merit-based scholarship program. Those families interested in applying for an Academy scholarship must complete the student and parent portions of the Scholarship Application in addition to the admission application.

vi. Admission Appraisal Decision: Admission to SIBS is competitive. We will not be able to offer places to all students who apply. If we do not offer admission to a student, it will be either because we do not feel our program is a good fit for the child, or because we do not have enough spaces in the class to accommodate all of our qualified applicants. Applicants may not resubmit or revise application materials after a decision has been made, but we encourage families to apply again for a future admission year.

5) Contact information:

Admissions Office: 010-80490307

Middle and High School: 010-88334560

Admissions Team: Mr. Qian 13671033725; Ms. Li 13671033753

Campus Visit: Gucheng Village 15 Huosha Road Houshayu Town Shunyi District, Beijing China (Please call to make an appointment before you come to visit)

School Website: www.sibs.com.cn; www.wasatchacademy.org