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  • 24  Apr
  • 2014

SIBS Anti-Bullying Policy

Anti-Bullying Mission Statement

SIBS school is a place where everyone feels safe and accepted and has a sense of belonging. Bullying will never be tolerated here. School personnel, students, parents and the community will work in collaboration to prevent all forms of bullying through education and the establishment and maintenance of policies and programs designed to eradicate bullying.


The role of the school is to provide an appropriate education for all its pupils. A stable, secure learning environment is an essential requirement to achieve this goal. Bullying behavior, by its very nature, undermines and dilutes the quality of education.

At SIBS, school-based bullying is not tolerated and students involved in bullying incidents will be positively and firmly addressed through a range of school-based discipline, and strategies through which all members of the school are enabled to act effectively in dealing with this behavior.

Parents and pupils have a particularly important role and responsibility in helping and working with the school to prevent and address school-based bullying behavior. 


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