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  • 31  Mar
  • 2015

Planetarium Museum

Today the students and faculty of SIBS went to the Beijing Planetarium and the Royal Bamboo Park.At the Beijing Planetarium students learned about stars and the different planets in the solar system. 

The students first viewed a 3-D movie on a large dome-shaped projection screen onto which scenes of stars, planets and other celestial objects can be made to appear and move realistically. This film covered the journey of the stars and allowed the students to learn about constellations. We learned that there are 88 constellations viewed from earth and their different names and positions viewed from in the sky at night. The students then walked around to the different exhibits learning about the positions of the planets and their size and positions in the solar system.

Then it was off to the Purple Bamboo Park. We ate lunch as a school and then as classes walked around the park to enjoy the scenery and some exercise. The students enjoyed walking around the labyrinth of paths, which weave in-between, the bamboo shoots. We also enjoyed the spring blossoms on the trees and looking at the shops along the way. Some of our students even performed the “Apple Dance” in front of dance group receiving a round of applause and cheers for their performance. At 2:15 when we met at our meeting point everyone was happy and tired from the long day of fun and adventure.

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