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  • 30  Sep
  • 2016

Autumn Field Trip to Gubei Water Town

SIBS has planned a fun, educational field trip to beautiful Gubei Water Town in October.  Gubei Water Town is located in the Gubeikou Town of Beijing in Miyun County (an hour and a half ride from Shunyi). The Water town is surrounded by Mandarin Duck Lake and flows along the Simatai Great Wall. The children will have fun exploring the rare old city with its ancient villages that are characterized by the northern architectural style, and the history and culture of the late Qing Dynasty(1644 - 1911). Students will also have fun hiking up the mountains that surround the town and look out over the great views from the Simatai Great Wall. Of course the children will be staying overnight in the local five star hotel, Gubei Spring Hotel, which is nestled in the cascade of little rivers of Gubei Water Town.  In all, Gubei Water Town is the perfect place for a fall field trip that will be educational, fun and a great experience for our students.


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