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  • 19  Sep
  • 2014

Autumn Field Trip


Springboard International Bilingual School has planned an all day field trip on Friday September 26, 2014. The school will travel to Yanqi Lake, where flocks of rare migrant birds, especially geese, inhabit the area, which forms part of the inspiration for the name Yanqi Lake, which translates literally as "Swan Lake." Yanqi Lake is surrounded by mountains in three directions with Mutianyu Great Wall in the north, Hongluo Temple in the west, and North China Plains in the south. The landscape of the area is beautiful with its mountains, beautiful clear lake and fresh air.
The children will explore the forests on the Jinteng Mountain, beside the lake, that contains exuberant winding paths. The footpaths lead to the pavilions on the summit overlooking the lake. By climbing there, the students will not only partake in physical exercise, they can also return to nature, and appreciate the whole view of the lake. At Yanqi Lake the students and staff will enjoy and day of fresh air, and a leisurely stroll in the delightful, natural forests.


8:20 -Busses arrive at SIBS
8:30-Busses leave for Yanqi Lake
9:20-Busses arrive at the lake
9:30-11:30 Play in the park or use entertainment facilities
11:30-12:30 Lunch
12:30-2:00 Climb the mountain
2:00- Re-group and go back home

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