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  • 19  Oct
  • 2014

Parent Teacher Meetings

Reading Assessments

Reading is one of the most important life skills. This year we have established a strong reading program that is dedicated to elevate your child’s reading to their proper grade reading level. In order to establish your young learner’s reading, level we started standard American Common Core reading assessments. These benchmark assessments measure your child’s oral reading fluency in the area of English and are given multiple times through the year in grades K-6. Oral reading fluency is a measure of accuracy and rate. It also has a high correlation with students’ reading comprehension.

These formative assessments will help with the teaching and learning process by providing continuous student performance data and reporting improvement to parents, teachers, and administrators which facilitates evidence-based evaluation and data-driven instruction. The data is used to ensure students are at or above grade level expectation in reading fluency. Students who do not meet established benchmarks for their grade level will be monitored more frequently and given the proper teaching and reading material to raise their fluency level.

All parents will receive information concerning their student’s current fluency level at the parent teacher meetings coming up next month on November 5th. We set a goal of raising the reading level of each SIBS student this year and we are already seeing results from our morning reading sessions and regular reading assessments.

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