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  • 23  Nov
  • 2014

Field Trip

Springboard International Bilingual School is excited to announce a field trip to the China Aviation Museum on Friday November 28th, 2014. This is a great opportunity for your son or daughter. The museum occupies a former Chinese air base and has an impressive collection of Chinese military and civil aircraft as well as aviation related displays. Students will learn about over 200 different types of airplanes.

The museum has the largest collection of MIG’s in the world and two of Chairman Mao’s planes, plus precious cultural and world aviation relics. One of the most impressive aviation displays is housed in what used to be a hanger  that has been cut into and through a mountain. This Cavern Exhibition Hall is  situated to the south of the museum. In this hall, the exhibits range from ancient manned flight inventions to modern high-speed high-altitude fighter planes. As you walk through the airbase, you cannot miss the open-air exhibition area. Students will see cargo-transport planes, surface to air missiles, antiaircraft artillery, radar and helicopters. Lastly, all the way down to Hero Avenue, a sword sculpture comes into view. Behind the sculpture lies the Integrated Hall. This hall displays 28 practicalities of aircraft, over 550 models of various aircraft, missiles, antiaircraft artillery, and radar.Our students will have a fun day for sure, get plenty of exercise exploring the museum grounds, and receive a hands-on view of the airplanes.
(Busses go direct to museum)
9:00  Busses arrive at the Museum  
9:15  Students break into their classes and explore museum
12:00 Busses leave to go back to the school  
12:30 Lunch at school
1:10  Lessons resume
3:30  Students leave for home
20 RMB for students
50 RMB bus fee for students who ride bus # 7, and for students who do not take the bus

Important Notices:
Children MUST stay with their class and an adult at all times.
Please have students wear their school uniform and appropriate clothing.(warm hats, warm coats, comfortable shoes)  
Please bring a light snack. (School will provide water only)
There are souvenir shops and additional attractions so your child might need extra money for spending.  
No one is to leave the park unless principal is notified.

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